Curtain colours
Sometimes, making a pleasing dynamic work of art can be
as simple as hanging material in front of the window.
This was my response to vile walls, forming the view from my bed.
(feux silk)

Knotted structure
Heh. If you knew how much math went into this, it might look lovely.
In any case, it is a tantalizing tangle.
(straws, paperclips, rubber bands (resting on ink, crayon, paper))

Okay okay, so this is what a tensegrity is supposed to look like.
I got the idea from N when he was creating something for Ali, so this is for her in effigy.
If you look closely, you can see that none of the straw struts actually touch each other,
and the tension of the rubber bands is the only thing holding it together.
(straws, paperclips, rubber bands (against wall cloth))

Blue pony staring at the sea
Blue horse head dingle-dangle stares off towards the sea.
I made this for Addy after she commented on a dragon dingle-dangle in a gaudy boutique.
I didn't know it was going to be a horse until about halfway through.
See, I made it while I was watching The Two Towers... in Chinese
and I was concentrating on the hanzi subtitles while horses galloped across the screen.

Blue horse head
I think it looked much better before I strangled it with ribbon.
But, yanno, as a dingle, it had to dangle for proper dingle-dangle quotients.
(material scraps left over from my Pet Me Pants, buttons, ribbon, thread)

When I have a few spare moments in the morning, I sometimes draw a kolam
on the walkway outside my apartment. This practice is inspired by Laurissa.
(chalk, concrete, subtle plant growth)

Pink travesty
This travesty is made even more hideous by the exquisitely nauseating pink
that seeped through to the other side. Sent to N^2.
(paper, crayon, ink)

Black travesty
Rainbow travesty in black, sent to N. Reminds me of black magic scrapings.
(paper, crayon, ink)

Scattered letter faces
Scattered letter faces, as-yet unsent, save one to "the vowels."

Pictographs in a more orderly fashion.
(paper, crayon, ink)

Love revisited
Where have we seen this before? Hey, gotta "love" it.
Rainbow love sent to Kirk and Ed.
(paper, crayon, ink)

Double take. When you've got a good thing, go with it?
Always a popular model, this was sent to Ella in Elk.
(paper, crayon, ink, infused with anti-tumor medicine)

Dark striations
Dark striations of blue, black, and purple
make this one palatable enough to be called elegant.
(paper, crayon, ink)

Simpler lines
A more ancient-looking pictograph made with simpler lines.
(paper, crayon, ink)

Desk mess
I made... a mess!
I spy with my little eye, John's jiggity gig.
P.S. John, I'm still borrowing your USB, in China, kthx.
(constant flux of desk debris)

Calendar front
Here's the calendar I sewed for 2008, on which I painted big garish beetles.

Calendar back
The back of the calendar. Both sides, true to my obsession, glow in the dark.
(paper, cardboard, paper stock, thread, glue, array of nail polishes, ball point pen inside)

Calendar interior
The interior of the calendar-- an admission of something very important.

Blue abalone book
A much nicer blue abalone embellished tome-let, meant to be a notebook.
(paper, cardboard, paper stock, thread, glue, nail polish)

Continuous zipper purse
This is rather clever, no? A change purse made from a continuous zipper spiral.
Where do I get holographic shiny zippers? China, baby, yeah!
(long zipper, thread)

Modular egg
Modular egg shape made from 60 units.
Held in Jamie's hands... left to the students for their classroom next year.

Modular egg and sphere
30-unit white polyhedron made from reused class papers.