Odds and Ends

Mulberries growing outside a cafe. Sweet, tart, slightly hairy.

Earth tone corner
This texture-rich corner is by a wall just under the Thai Embassy (with no apparent entrance).
I remember distinctly, maddened with a desire for green curry, considering scaling the wall
in order to ask people who would /surely know/ where to find such a delicacy in Xiamen.

Hu lu bing tang
In the wintertime, hulu bingtang, or gourd-shaped candied-coated fresh fruit on a stick,
is for sale on most streets. Here you see a bouquet of hawthorn and strawberry treats.

Fractals for breakfast
Mmm, fractals for breakfast! Fractal bractal broccoliflower.
Reminds me of a joke: What do you call a flying dinosaur with 2.8 dimensionality?
A fractal pterodactyl. Or as I prefer: a pterofractal.

Vegetarian breakfast with 2.8 dimensionality
Vegetarian breakfast with 2.8 dimensionality.

Fractal breakfast closeup
Finally, I can buccaly ravage a magnificent sea of spirals.

Cat-dog snuggle
Guard cat and guard dog curl up together at the edge of the sea boardwalk.

Gou rou
I've been holding out on this, not sure if you would want this image in your brain-pan.
But I decided to let it haunt you. Mitch has knowingly eaten dog meat off a menu.
To the best of my knowledge, I have not partaken of the (somewhat unpopular) item.
Here, two de-haired paws stick out of a bag in the front of a Sichuan restaurant.

Tentacle pr0n
Here's something else you probably didn't want to see, but I just had to show you
how I appeared after a week of successive suction cupping treatment for my back pain.
Because... I match the shower curtains! And also, in case you were into tentacle pr0n.

Big black and blue bee
Big black and blue bee doing a strange backwards spiral dance on the sidewalk.

Ballet figures in shadows
The school talent show concluded with an elegant ballet number.

Flower bower ballet
Ballet dancers in front of flower bowers.

Dancer's face in focus
Dancers undulate in a soft coral formation.

Yingcai apartment view
The view from my bedroom window in my apartment on Yingcai campus.
This is part of the reason I don't live here, rather finding it worth the hour commute to Baicheng.

Baicheng apartment view
Please compare with the view from my bedroom window at the Baicheng apartment.

Baicheng balcony view
The view from the balcony, a gauzy sunset over the placid South China Sea.

Cafe light fixture
Crystal bauble light fixture at the cafe near the mulberry tree.

If life is a bowl of fish, why is this the flakes?

Bowlfish side view
It was a crowded few days for the bowlfish, until the pregnant guppies moved away
and the finny black one was offed by the foppish ladyboy with the attitude problem.

Kong xin cai
Kong xin cai-- Empty Heart Vegetable, so named for its hollow stems.

Address 404
This is why I didn't give you my home address for mail delivery... not exactly trustworthy.
As I live in apartment #404, I'd hate for you to try and reach my address just to get 404ed.

Hubin nightscape
Nightscape in the Hubin area with a full moon on the rise.

Light striations
City chromospectroscopy across the surface of the saltwater lake fed by the ocean.

Reflections with The Plaid Thing on the Hill
You know that building I like to photograph at night? Here it is again,
with "The Plaid Thing on the Hill" behind it, as my childhood writing teacher calls it.
(It's the building that looks like a giant golfball on an oversized tee).

Blue ripples
Mmmrrr. Mmmrrrrrrr! Flthrrrrrthrrr!! That will be all.

Xiamen Yingcai International Class
The most important part of my experience here, my lights, my loves, brilliantly shiny people I'm blessed to know.
Front to back, left to right: Stephanie, Jamie, Daniel, Stella, Annie, Catherine, Sophie, Jack,
Mr. Gao, Shelly, Cindy, Cherry trying to hide, me, Johnny, Davis, Lewis behind Alan, Paul, and Mitch.