Perfecting the Emo Portrait

Hot eye make-up! Maybe a little less pleased with yourself?

That thing behind you is distracting. And... more sadness.

OK, no... not... petulant. More, just... downcast.

Better, but yeah... we need a less earthy background.

Heh, OK you've definitely got sparkles going on. More of you.

Good, but your expression is... missing something.

OK, yes, extreme angles are good. But bigger on the eyes.

Nice, but too hopeful. Keep the gaze down.

Nice slight tilt, but can we fill the space above you?

Excellent composition! But you're a little zoned out.

Oh! No, don't go breaking the fourth wall with eye contact.

Props, a fine idea. Hmm... a little less sulky, perhaps.

Awesome! But maybe we've gone the wrong direction with that background...

Wait, wait, don't give up! Please, just one more?