Qingting Fairies and Struggle in the Chaos

Fairies by a boat
Two fairies hover over a boat.

Fairie above a house
Gentle trajectory over a hut.

Fairie over the water
Skimming the water.

Fairie resting on a rock
Resting on a rock.

Fairie in flight
Darting fairie.

Fairie over the trees
Fairie flits among trees.

Fairie wings
Fairie wings.

Monkey on a golden chain
Monkey on a golden chain. How do you forget a restaurant with a monkey?

Star Grinder

Tea and grinder
Tea set on stone table in front of some antique grinders.

Cabin arcs
Cabin Arcs

Red lantern
Red Lantern

Infinite loop
Knotted Infinite Loop in the Fray Within a Spiral of Stacked Stone Slabs

Chaotic struggle
Struggle in the Chaos

Orthagonal outline
Orthagonal Outline

Petrified power
Petrified Power

Null set
Null Set

Restaurant railing
Fairie flying over restaurant railing.

Semi-weightless qingting holds fast to a rock graced with gravity while hurtling through space on a greater scale.

Qingting wings
Qingting Wings

Subtle sunset
Subtle Sunset

Gazebo under an electric moon
Gazebo Under an Electric Moon

Dark ripple effect
Dark Ripple Effect