29 September 2007
Subject: About the Game

Some confusion has arisen concerning "The Game."

In accordance with one of the tenets of The Game, upon admission of losing The Game, one must explain The Game to anyone who doesn't understand The Game. But since I'm not playing The Game, I'll leave it to the Interweb of Knowledge to clue you in.

Hey, here's a website I can see: http://www.losethegame.com/ China-free webmaestros can access wikipedia.com and search for "The Game" to their hearts content. Without a care or pants or too much firewallage.

I suppose that, with my endorsement, I condone the playing of The Game. Though I DO NOT PARTICIPATE. If I were playing, I might have to admit to having constantly lost The Game for several weeks straight. That would be losing too much face.

Since I am in Le Chine and unable to use LiveJournal, IRC, or other such Chattel, here's an idea. Let me know if you would like to be included in an intimate philosophical discussion group via email. We could share our observances, linguistic gymnastics and how we feel about our process of unfolding ourselves as humans. Or, you know, whatever. This would be an active-participation thing, so opt in by writing me back and telling me you wanna play. I will then divulge your email address to the other participants and we can do the whole virtual orgy thing. It'll be invigorating and pleasing, and I'll get more emails. Hooray!