17 April 2008
Subject: In Brief

Dear Confused and Fuming,

I have received various responses from parties concerned that I have taken leave of my senses as intimated by my last mass-missive. Common complaints are lengthiness, cohesion, clarity, and emotional bearing, as well as unprecedented political diatribe. I beg your pardon.

Confusion has arisen regarding my political stance-- I am still pro-Tibet-liberation, yet freshly aware of a different reality. When I said that it was equally valid to vilify the US as it was to vilify China, I meant that both were equally without foundation and falsely reasoned. Also, thank you to those of you who sent me your views about the necessity of the war in Iraq. I read them in full, yet respectfully retain my own (self)-conflicting principles.

In bulleted format so that you are not lost in a roiling sea of lofty verbiage and incomprehensible personal metaphor (un)conveyed in pseudo-poetry-posing-as-prose, I wish to explain a few things:

*I don't actually care about politics.
*As a humanist, I believe politics are irrelevant useless pursuits which hinder our actualization.
*Also as a humanist, I understand the importance of the political ties that bind and define us.
*As a nihilist, I feel politics can happily be done away with.
*As an activist, I DEEPLY feel I should care more about politics and stay informed.
*I am not, in fact, informed. Any news I do receive, I distrust to varying degrees.
*As a patriot, I zealously love my countries.
*As a registered Democrat, I vote Independent and based on individual platforms.
*As a socialist, I feel we should cultivate a kinder collective-- share and share alike.
*As a conservative-empathizer, I agree we should viciously defend our rights and freedoms.
*As a raging hippie, I truly believe all we need is love.
*As a hunter-gatherer, I am overwhelmed by varied opinions from our uncountable tribe.
*As a Scientific Methodist, I'm lacking a clear hypothesis.
*As an experientialist, I have to live something to fully grok it.
*As a life-long academic, I remain uneducated and underexposed.
*As a Buddhist, I sorely need to practice Right Speech.
*As a Taoist, this too shall flow through and past me.
*As a self-centric egotist, I'm pretty sure my opinions are rational.
*As a disciple at Socrates' knee, I wish to understand my conflicting despisal of politics, and take opportunity here with you.
*I also don't care about the Olympics.

Mitch has authored a rejoinder reposted here:
poignantly Mitch-like.

About my epistles, as to the ludicrous length and daunting depth that leave you out of breadth... well, someday I may distill all of this sour mash and make a fine liquor. Then it will take some serious aging-- but I think the grain is good... just needs some fine focusing. About the alliteration and compulsive punning, there is honestly little I can do. Still love me?

Yours in Brief,
But Also Always,