Last week we organized a poetry Slam in my class and we began the week with some free writing of poetry. I gave the students a lecture on the fundamentals of poetry, and then asked them to use what they learned to write a piece. It was a wide open topic. What they produced completely blew my mind. These pieces almost completely unedited. I merely gave them a few pointers on some grammatical points after they produced their first drafts. To me this is a body of pure poetry. Completely unpretentious, unmarred by some silly notion of what poetry is supposed to be. It is a straight from the heart expression. From a group of students who are merely just beginning their exploration of the English language. Perhaps I am a just a doting teacher, but I think these are some of the most beautiful poems I have ever had the pleasure to read.
Cheers and with Love,

What's Happiness?
By Stephanie

What's happiness?
The dazzling sunshine brightens my early morning,
Mama's delicious breakfast,
Light music around the house.
I think this is happiness.

What's happiness?
When you are not trusted,
A friend's single sentence, "I believe you."
I think this is happiness.

What's happiness?
Chatting with a friend,
Laughing happily with a friend,
Happy time is spent together.
I think this is happiness.

Happiness is always around us,
Always by our side.
As long as you shut your eyes,
It can be felt.

What Can I Do?
By Johnny

What can I do?
I can't protect the city like Spider Man did,
But I can spin words like Spidey shoots his webs.

What can I do?
I can't score 81 points like Kobe Bryant did,
But I can enjoy myself in the game.

What can I do?
I can't control other people's lives like God did,
But I can lead my own life.

What can I do?
I can't do something like someone else,
But I can be myself.

By Cindy

Every word that you said to me,
Just like a classic song repeated.
I put it on my heart with cherish.
How could I forget the days we've completed?

No matter how we will be hereafter,
The hands held still tightly.
I'm used to having your company,
When I experienced all of the pain and joy.
How could I be willing to return again to friendlessness?

I promise you, my friends, I won't leave you.
We are only transient separately.
I will stand nearby and hold our memories,
Accompany you to continue your trip.

Promise me, my friends, you won't weep.
We have so much to remind us.
Because I believe,
I truly believe, this is a miracle.

Short Informal Essay
By Jack

Quiet, You are stupefied, bored in time.

See the sky, white cloud.

The quiet, is quiet.

Instantly, the seed of relaxation, You have the feeling.

By Jamie

"Sea foam
Is the end of my life
But I won't stop loving you."

Oh! Beautiful mermaid!
He can't hear your sound!
He can't see your heart!

He kisses your forehead
You became sea foam for him.
From this time on
Prince and princess live together

With joy and happiness
The only thing you can do is
Face the sorrow.

"Goodbye my prince"
Beautiful sea foam floats in the sky.

Dear prince.
Have you seen the twinkle light in the sky.
They are the tears of a mermaid!

Tears of a mermaid.
Like an invisible broken heart.

Salty tears
Salty seawater
Salty foam
Slowly floats in the sky.

Why Why Why
By Lewis

Tell me why

Tell me why

Why am I be in the world?
Why have you?
Why have I?
Why am I alive?
Why can die?

Tell me why

Tell me why

Why am I tall?
Why you are not tall?
Why do I exist?
Why want to make money?
Why can like?
Why have the love?

Tell me why

Tell me why

Why I must I to study?
Why am I in the international class?
Why want to study hard?
Why can't I fly?
Why have a lot of difference?

Tell me why

Tell me why

Why am I a person?
Why want to grow up?
Why can I miss Mama?
Why I want to go abroad?

Tell me why

Tell me why

What is Happiness?
By Shelly

What is happiness.
The happiness is a friend's blessing.

What is happiness.
The happiness is Mama's concern.

What is happiness.
The happiness is a successful feeling.

What is happiness.
The happiness is the feeling of going home.

Happiness feeling are very many.

The happiness is a soft and sweet feeling.

The happiness is a feeling of going to school.

The happiness is full to be able to eat.

These they are happiness.

By Daniel



You are so bulky, dumpy, hairy, silly, slightly, and trusty.

Looking sadly, unhappy and melancholy.

Why! I can hear you cry and bray.



You are so heavy, messy, stocky, ugly, agilely, and acuity.

Looking angry, fidgety and greedy.

Why! I can see you atrocity and ferocity.

By Annie

We are a big family.

Everyone is funny.

We should learn how to enjoy.

Children full of energy.

Parents beaming happily.

If someone moves aimlessly.

Their insides filled sadly.

Although they dance freely.

Life elapses momentarily.

We should enjoy our time slowly.

By Catherine

Sky, sun, bird.

Flower, grass, tree.

If you feel happy.

Everything is good.

If you feel sad.

Everything is bad.

If you feel happiness.

Everything is wonderful.

Happy, sad, happiness.

Your mood comes from your choices.

Long Long Ago
By Stella

A man was going along, along.

The road was very long, long.

The street was as good as deserted.

So he felt very lonely.

And the song that he sang was as long.

So he went along singing the song.

The view was wonderful.

The river was very long.

Some boats on the river.

Everything was bright.

It's a long, long journey.

His journey was continued…

By Cherry

When a hen lays an egg.

a person lies on the bed.

a cloth is laid on the table.

What's going on?

The hen lies in the nest.

It's so lazy.

This is a lazy morning!

When the boy is running in the yard.

the rain raining out of the yard.

the flag rising in the square.

What's going on?

The boy running to the square.

it's so crazy.

This is a crazy morning!

How to be Happy?
By Paul

You can drive a car and go sightseeing!

You can smile, every day.

Or you can raise your head and look up at the sky.

What's happy?

When you study hard. You will be happy.

When you have a good job. You will be happy.

When you get married. I think you will be very happy.

About happy.

Happiness is abstract.

Happiness is important.

Happiness is Love.

Tell me something about being Happy!

I tell you happiness is everywhere!

Stroll in the Way in your Life
By Sophie

The way is long but I don't feel tired.

Strolling with you

Section after section

Crossing peaks

We can see to the other side

Our destination is so far

And ideal set out in front of you forever

The road is rugged,

Don't be afraid to temper

Desire in your life

With bitter aches, still so to keep learning

Happiness and sadness

All around you

Appreciate snow on the wind

Appreciate a flower in the fog

Around you happiness

Don't haggle over this

Appreciate everything near you

Everyday is beautiful

You can believe!

The beautiful view is near you

Use your sense of smell

Wash out the bad mood

Also good Also bad

Hope you have a new discovery every day

Let the wind blow you further and further

This is our test

Little rain

Sets one's mind to sprinkle

Make the determination to continue forward.

By Alan (with collaboration of Mitch)

Leaves gently rustling.

Branches this way and that.

Bark like an old man's skin.

Roots reach deep into the earth.

I rest in its shade.

I think of the seed.

Flowers open and spill

Their fragrance fills the air.

A person feels relaxed.

Grass reflected in their smile.

The bird rejoices

Everyone is singing this line

To think of something better.