Guanduras: Guatemala City to Cobán

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Introduction of the Dramatis Personæ, co-founders of the Republic of Guanduras.

Musicians crossing
Caution, musicians crossing in downtown Guatemala City, Zone 1.

Protest posters
Main cathedral behind protest posters against Salvavidas brand water.

Cathedral in the central plaza, ex-school "chicken" bus passing in front.

Stereovision Jesus
Raise your hand if you're Jesus.

Which veg?
What is this vegetable?

Flies with pigeons
Boy learns secrets of flight with pigeons outside the Central Market.

Hellacool street art
Street art: photocopies plastered to a wall.

Post office building
Famed Guatemala City post office building, lit at dusk.

Contemplating the difference between "cavalry" and "Calvary" while viewing a hill in Cobán.

Doll in the window
How much is that doll in the window?

Mamey fruit
A local understanding of what a "mamey" fruit is (different in Mexico).

Hedge monster
The radioactive Thing that came out of the bush.

Hanging nests
Hanging homes constructed by ingenious gold and black feathered nestitects.

Chapel candles
Candles in the side room of the chapel on "Cavalry" hill.

Chapel worshipers
Locals offering candles to the Fluorescent Jesus.

Electrifying tangle
Electrifying tangle.

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