Guanduras: Semuc Champey to Lanquín

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Toy truck crash
Tragic toy truck crash after it crossed the yellow line.

Large waterfall
Large lower waterfall at Semuc Champey.

River and pools
River at the top of the pools at Semuc Champey.

Flirts with death
Our guide Carlos Daniel flirts with disaster, perched on a railing.
Fellow travellers Alex and Lori know to call him "Hot-Lanta!"

Drunk gorilla
Drunk gorilla blubbering incoherently in a high chair.

Pie thief
The Pie Thief that snuck in through our window.

Walking stick
A walking stick insect.

A wooden paddle of sap collected by a Mayan lady.

Photo trade
Grandmother and granddaughter traded me this photo for that purple pen.
Framing them are the leaves of cardamom plants.

Curve in the road towards Semuc Champey (two kilometers further).

Blind spider
Dani "Hot-Lanta" holds a giant, highly poisonous, blind scorpion spider.

Bats at sunset
Bats swarming out of the mouth of Lanquín Cave at sunset.

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