Guanduras: Flores to El Remate

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For Ali: ravaging a bag of Alichips (made from taro roots).

Flores building
A brightly painted building typical of the touristic island of Flores.

Looking, through a launch, upon Lake Itzá.

Cows to market
Taking the cows to market; don't count on them coming home.

Celestial geometry
Celestial geometry, intersecting wires, and a small infinite loop.

Sunset behind the rooftops of Santa Elena, across the water from Flores.

Rich and oily zapote fruit, (called mamey in Mexico).

Mayan hippy
Traditional Mayan 70's porn star, hippy, biker dude?

Horse and dock
Yinyang of horse and dock.

Hippy art
/Actual/ Mayan-Italian hippy makes art from recycled materials at his hotel.

Hotel door
Trevor in our hippy crystal cave hotel room in El Remate.

Wild ocelot
Furrocious wild ocelot is calmed when you oscillate his tits a lot.

Toucan hedge
Strange toucan hedge made stranger with freaky eyes.

Inviting shaded deck in El Remate.

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