Guanduras: Tikal, Day One

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Truck travel
Hitch-hiking in the back of a truck from El Remate to Tikal.

Watermelon heart
Reenacting a traditional tearing-out-the-heart of a sacrificial watermelon.

Tree creatures
Trees creeping stealthily across the forest path.

Temple One
Temple One at Tikal.

Crumbling building sphinx-like in the late afternoon sun.

Tikal temple
Classic view of Temple One in front of the Acropolis.

Mundo perdido
The Lost World; finally so close, yet still so far.

Bondage vines
Trees in bondage, encircled by the horizontal grip of vines.

Stone sky
Looking straight up from Temple Four into the sky.

Cloud angel
A cloud-angel is spotted high above the jungle canopy.

Sunset at Tikal from the top of Temple Four.

Temple two at night
A night view of Temple Two through a break in the foliage.

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