Guanduras: Tikal, Day Two

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Seiba trunk
Reticulated trunk of the giant Seiba (Ceiba) tree.

Seiba top
Looking up at the airplant-encrusted top of the Seiba tree.

No sitting
No... sitting on the john-ument for an extended reading session?

Three prohibitions
Prohibited: gazing vainly in a mirror, long soulful walks on the seashore,
and uh... taking a sit on well walls, wedding cakes, or cheese wheels.

More rules
Actually, there are a few more rules you might need to be aware of inside the park:
No Guns, No Vehicles, No Pets, No Trash, No Music, No Smoking, No Fire, No Hunting
No Camping, No Hurt the Animals, No Wrest the Plants, No Touch, No Sit on the Ruins,
No Feed the Animals, No Alcohol. Please observe proper "Management into the park."

I didn't see "No Swing from Vines" posted anywhere. Ahhiiaaahhiiiaahh!

View of Temple One through the Acropolis.

Tree roots
We came to Tikal for the temples, but I took more pictures of the trees.

Temple five
A walk through the forest to the stunning Temple Five.

Looking down
Looking down from the top of Temple Five.

I wasn't kidding about the trees; every time we passed this seiba we had to photograph it.

On the road from Tikal: Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't believe they exist.

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