Guanduras: Finca Ixobel to Río Dulce

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Caimito Granadillo
Jocote Mangosteen
I did mention the fruit part of the travel plan, yes? Purple Caimitos,
yellow Granadillos, orange Jocotes, and purple Mangosteens.

Fruit seeds
Tiny granadillo seeds, crescent caimito seeds, and oval jocote seeds
resting in a Flambouyant tree pod, with an empty caimito peel.

Pyramid hill reflection
Reflection of Pyramid Hill in the swimming hole at Finca Ixobel.

Macaw food
A macaw is ready for his food already. And he's pissed his name is "Julie".

Small stalactites
The cave at Finca Ixobel is relatively untouched and pristine.

Large stalagmites
Living dripways build stalagmite towers up from the floor.

Cave column
Enormous column accretion with excellent textures in the back of the cave.

Water pool
Islands of stalagmites perpetually protruding higher and higher from a pool of water.

Bubble rocks
Fascinating textures of all sorts line all surfaces of the cave.

Keep monkey out
Unfortunately, the sign doesn't discourage thieves of the human persuasion.

Finca Paraiso
Hot thermal waterfall at Finca Paraíso outside of Río Dulce.
Please note the large omnomnomnom face in the rock behind the waterfall.

Gassing up
Boats fueling up at an aquatic gas station in Río Dulce.

Choppy lake
Lake Izabal gets very choppy in the afternoon as we head through El Golfete to Lívingston.

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