Guanduras: Lívingston

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Tapado before Tapado after
A seafood soup called "Tapado", a delicious Lívingston delicacy, Before, and After.

Pyramid birds
Avian triangles atop our hotel roof at African Place.

The sky, sand, and sea were all actually these colours.

Beachfront mural may reference the Grateful Dead as Garcia lived there for a decade.

Kids group photo
The Garífuna kids we befriended line up and demand a group photo.

Boat jumping
Exhuberantly jumping from boat to boat.

Cling monkey
One lil' monkey in crocodile tears clings woefully when it's time to go.

Photo back
The kids from the back as they pose for Trevor's fascinating camera.

A few minutes holding a Garífuna baby comes with our meal in a restaurant.

Beach pigs
Two pigs and two egrets looking for a snack on the seashore.

Piggy kisses
Piggy kisses.

Luita and kids
Laughing Luíta and a slew of kids in Polo Martínez's boat.

Life Music
Two famous night clubs along a street in Lívingston.

Detail of a far-away group of Garífuna women standing with arms akimbo.

Polo Martinez
Polo Martínez himself, per his usual chatty self astride a bicycle.

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