Guanduras: The North Coast

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The enormous Chiquita 'banana boat' is not "chiquita" (small).

Bus songs
Some girls' English lesson sung to the tune of La Cucaracha:
"Do you speak English? Do you speak English? Yes but just a little bit.
Are you from Chile? Are you from Chile? No, I'm not, I'm from Brazil.
My name is Alice. My name is Alice. I'm from Washington D.C."
I'm glad to meet you. I'm glad to meet you. I'm so glad to meet you too."

Collaborate with the tourist
Road sign in Omoa, suggesting that one collaborate with the tourist.

A woman's pet pisote... now I'm starting to believe in those ROUSes.

Crazy coconut
He's crazy in da coconut. Get on da hammock!.

Boat yinyang
Shore of Travesía, driftwood and fishing boat.

Men rowing
Garífuna men rowing out to see with a huge pile of rope.

Zen parrot
Zen and the art of parrot balancing.

Church in Travesía, contrasting towers and crosses.

Boys on horses trotting down the main street, kicking up dust.

Cashew fruit with its single cashew seed hanging on the outside.
This is the last picture I took before my camera stopped working.
Perhaps a touch too much sea spray and road dust?
(Note: I've since disassembled my camera and put it back together, now in working order.)

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