Thaibodia (Phuket to Bangkok)

Sidewalk striations
Sidewalk texturing in downtown Phuket City.

A large and little caterpillar at the local butterfly pavilion.

Snail! The orange dot appears to be a butterfly egg.

Black and white butterfly
A black and white butterfly against the blue of the protective screens.

Brown and blue butterfly
Marbled browns and blues have this flutterby matching its stone resting spot.

Orange pair
A saffron orange pair of butterflies woo each other.

When this magnificent butterfly closes its wings, it looks just like a dull brown leaf.

Back in Bangkok, coming full circle to Shanti Lodge.
Nathan is to leave in the morning, after a month of wonderful wandering and One last Night in Bangkok.

Nurse Nora
A completely crazy coincidence, meeting Peace Corps cohort Nurse Nora on the streets of Bangkok.

Water cats
Water cats, construction machines floating on a klong through the city.

Bangkok traffic
Motorcycle, tuk-tuk, and bus-truck... Bangkok transportation is colourful.

Puzzle lights
Puzzle lights formed from many shaped and cut iterations of plastic sheeting.
I was tempted to purchase one until I realized I can make my own.

Koh San Road at night
Koh San Road at night, with no dearth of street vendors and lit signs.

Tuk-tuk above
Early morning discovery upon leaving Bangkok: there is a tuk-tuk strapped to a building.

Flight home
Flying back to Xiamen, strange moon-shaped green patch amidst the mud flats and water.