Thaibodia (Chiang Mai)

Devouring Nathan
Nathan teased a temple dragon and was duly devoured. It was tragical, truly.

Gray temple spire
Gray skies and a gray stupa make the golden spire and green leaves pop and seem enhanced.
None of these photos are cropped or changed in any way other than sizing.

Monks and watertower
Two monks walk into a water tower and power line picture.

Temple rainbow
Walking along the streets of Chiang Mai, we saw a tall pile of rubble and bricks over the rooftops from afar.
We made our circuitous way towards it and found it was this ancient temple.
To perfect the moment chatting with a kindred, a soft drizzle fell and this rainbow glowed triply.

Temple pond
At another of the numerous wats in Chiang Mai, they had a large pond choked with life.
This was at the temple where we ended up meditating with the chanting monks.

Lily pad
Close-up composition with lily pad.

Meditating with monks
Meditating with monks.

Learn something
Inspiring sign at a temple just outside of the old moated city of Chiang Mai.

Buddha and gold
Detail of shiny golden stupa with Buddha alcove.

Power pole
One of thousands of amazing street corners, looking up.

Eerie Buddha
Eerie view of Buddha statue at night with a longer exposure.

Teak temple at night
Yet another wat, the gorgeous unpainted teak temple at night.