Thaibodia (Doi Suthep)

On the way to Doi Suthep
In the pirate vehicle (two facing benches in the back of a pick-up) up the mountain to Doi Suthep.

Pocket orchid
Incredible purple orchid in the shirt pocket of a visiting Spaniard, alongside his vivid yellow pencil.

Metal umbrella
Metal umbrella and the spire of the Doi Suthep stupa.

Gold and red
Everything tied up in aesthetic bundles of red and gold complemented by "shiny"

Squinting into the shine
Squinting into the shine. Pret-ty glit-tery.

Sexy snake Buddha
Sexy Buddha surrounded by black snake demons.

Working to restore the parts of the temple that might not be shiny enough.

Buddha at Doi Suthep
Buddha, umbrella, stupa, rainbow: different gradients of shininess.

Kissing Buddha
In an alcove hidden from view of worshippers, I score a naughty Buddha pic.
I did not, the devoutly religious will be relieved to know, pinch his perky nipples.

Foot and textures
My Right Foot, sandal tans, mosquito bites and all, against the patina of a metal statue base.
We enjoyed all the textures walking barefoot around the complex.

Mother and pup
Mother dog and puppy in the courtyard behind Doi Suthep.

Stair monster
Stair monster glitters at the entrance to the temple.

Sword demon
Decorated warrior demon is decorated with ...decorations.

Chiang Mai power lines
Back in downtown Chiang Mai, power lines attract and hold my attention.

Rainbow at market
Power lines with a rainbow over the nearest temple. This was taken from my vantage point
getting a foot massage outside on the street corner watching people pass through the street market.
Moments later, the national anthem came on over the loudspeaker and the crowds were held motionless.

Terra cotta doorway
A terra cotta doorway at the gorgeous unpainted teak temple, monk wafting inside.

Monk in doorway
I think I have a thing for monks in doorways, especially teak doorways.

Buddha with greenery
An outdoor Buddha statue at the teak temple in the early evening.

Anus licking at temple altar
Back inside the teak temple, a dog loving licks his anus near the altar.