Thaibodia (Si Satchanalai to Angkor Wat)

Buddha back
Si Satchanalai ruins similar to Sukkothai.
We toured around the historical site on and off bikes.

Buddha face
The serene face of a saffron-wrapped Buddha statue amongst the trees.

Buddha niche
Another ancient Buddha, this one in a niche in a stupa.

Dorje tree
Ribbon-wrapped tree looks like a dorje stood on end, roots balancing branches.

Meditations with stone
Meditations with stone.

Moat view
View over the moat, our first glimpse of the Angkor Wat complex.

Monkeys in trees
More distracting than the enormity of the ruins are these monkeys hanging out in trees.

Curious youngster
Nathan shows pictures to a curious youngster currently wearing his watch.

Shaka-throwing bas relief
This bas relief figure is totally throwing the Hawaiian shaka. Aloha honey.

Angkor wat spire
Wat's this? Angkor you very much, my dear Watson.

Posing in temple grounds
Sunshine blinds us after stepping out of the dark corridors of Angkor Wat.

Corner ladies
More Angkor ladies standing at the corner.

Stair monster
I will admit I put him up to this-- but he makes such a /fine/ stair-monster!

Angkor Wat
Two of the spires at Angkor Wat.

Little monks-to-be
Exchanging language lessons with young monks-to-be at a school helping many orphans.