Thaibodia (Angkor Wat Continued)

Monkey in sunlight just above where Nathan is resting.

Millipede! Ein Tousandfuesser!

Ta Phrom
Our initial view entering Ta Phrom, my favourite temple.

Natural niche
Natural niche for bas relief figure created from fallen temple stones.

Rubble and wall
Ta Phrom is not groomed or restored, left gorgeously to the wiles and will of nature.

Leaning tree
Leaning tree growing out of the rubble.

Tree roots taking over a temple wall.

Arcing reach
Arcing reach, one of a series of water-drinking photographers taking photos.

Mossy wall
I'm lichen the mossy stone walls softened by vines and crumbled by trees.

Bright lichen
Bright green lichen next to a riel note offering below a fountain altar.

Site that used to be filled with water pouring from four sculptural fountains.

Nut seller
Chatting with a young girl selling nuts while her grandmother roasts the unusual nuts.

Through the tree
View through the tree phaging a temple gate, Nathan is accosted by two sisters.

Giant hungry tree
Large tree hungrily hugs a temple gate.

Close-up of roots
Close-up of roots with the youngest sister playing in the dirt.

Detail above
Detail looking up at the apex of the door lintel.

Brick silhouette
A brick temple from a different time period, with what appear to be a lot of drill holes.

At the brick temple with new-found friend-for-a-day Tom, who neither speaks nor hears.

Tom posing
Tom poses coyly against a stair monster. He told us a riveting story in pantomime.