Thaibodia (Angkor Tom)

A sun-bow looking up on the morning of our third day at Angkor Wat complex.

Elephant ride
Tourists ride elephants in front of Angkor Tom.

Bas relief dancers
Bas relief dancers at the main temple in Angkor Tom, called Bayon.

Lady figure
Gorgeous lady stands indentured to the corner.

Contrast-heavy meditator
Contrast-heavy meditating figure lit from above through a slit in the temple stones.

Large Bayon face
One of the many large peaceful faces adorning the spires at Bayon.

Faced spires
There are over 200 giant faces carved into the four sides of the spires.

Serene Bayon faces
Most of the faces seem very serene, intraspective, and smiling.

Monks and tourists
Bayon faces with monks and tourists for scale.

Monks at Bayon
Monks lean and stand at a photogenic spot, seemingly inviting photographs.

Clouds and faces
Facing up into the clouds.

Face detail
Close-up of a single giant smiling stone face.

Making out
Nathan making out with a giant face and its sexy full stone lips.