Thaibodia (Koh Tao)

Shore and boat
Walking along the wild edge of the island along an unfrequented footpath, we saw some nice views.

Beach and boat
One of the various little beaches around the island.

Driftwood bar
A bar or restaurant made from driftwood haphazardly conglomerated.

Longtail boat
A longtail boat on the beach we spent the most time at.

SCUBA diving
With our SCUBA instructor and a dive master on our first excursion.

Green lantern
Lantern against green-lit tree at Buddhaview Bar.

Black light mural
Mural glowing under black light at Babaloo Bar.

Disco lights
Brightly coloured disco lights shear the darkness into scattered patches.

Plastic bottle
A black light bulb with streaks of paint and a cut plastic water bottle.

Fire circle
Fire dancers arc and spin flames into braided spiraled space.

Fire knot
A more complicated pattern with a longer exposure.

Disco palms
Palm leaves lit with the soft rainbow colours from the board-floored dance area.